Harry Styles Inspires Sex Change

November 20, 2012 By:
Harry Styles Inspires Sex Change

We’ve heard of being a die-hard One Direction fan, but this girl took her love of Harry Styles one step further. She’s going to get a sex change to male and is modeling her new look after Harry!

Check out the photo, doesn’t she look A LOT like him?!

20-year-old transgender Catrina Best told the recent issue of Closer, “Dressing as Harry made me feel confident, so I copied his hair too. I spend 30 minutes every day perfecting the ‘Harry Look.’”

In a few years when she undergoes her sex reassignement surgery, she plans to use Harry as her inspiration.

Catrina says she’s been a fan of Harry since the day she saw him audition for The X Factor.

That hair, those clothes, I’d say Harry is the perfect role model for any dude, or any guy-in-training like Catrina, who is saving up for a sex change operation and hormone treatment that will deepen her voice and give her facial hair.

Not that she needs it to mimic Harry Styles adorable baby face.

“People say my bone structure, eyes and lips are almost identical to Harry’s and I’ve been asked for autographs. I haven’t started dating yet, but girls flirt with me and I even get chatted up by older women, like Harry does!”

The similarities between Catrina and Harry are uncanny, but getting stopped for autographs? That’s incredible! She needs to cash in on this likeness! Birthday party appearances? Vegas revue shows?

Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance, so hopefully One Direction fans will accept Catrina Best as Harry Styles 2.0!