Harry Styles' New Girl Revealed

February 19, 2013 By:
Harry Styles' New Girl Revealed
Image By: wenn.com

Harry Styles is reportedly dating a reporter, The Sun is reporting.

Wordplay aside, One Direction star Harry was spotted leaving UK hotspot The Box last night with a local celebrity and TV reporter named Billie JD Porter.

Usually when a celeb is spotted ANYWHERE late at night with a person of the opposite sex, we always assume bow-chicka-wow-wow is happening and for Harry Styles this rule is extra true.

According to the source, “Harry’s always liked Billie – he’s had his eye on her for a while.”

Apparently Billie was the host of a British TV show called “The Joy of Teen Sex” so clearly, she’s the opposite of Taylor Swift.

In the photos, they are walking pretty far from each other, but the source insists that something is going on between the two of them, “They’ve flirted with each other before but on Sunday night things really clicked.”

Ok, sure. Except things get fishy because HeatWorld.com, another sketchy UK tabloid, claims that they were getting flirty at a club earlier this month, but the photo they included in the story is clearly of a woman who is NOT Billie.

And, according to Billie herself, she has a boyfriend, writing on Twitter, “there are only 2 men in my life; Papa John and Harrison Koisser.”

And because this job ensures that we act like stalkers, one quick browse of the tweets between Billie and her beau Harrison, it’s obvious that they are dating.

Oh but the plot thickens, Billie just tweeted earlier today, “I don’t know I’m beautiful…and THAT’S what makes me beautiful. Right guys?”

This seems like a cryptic homage to the One Direction song, “What Makes You Beautiful.”

Is she being snarky or is this a subtle shout-out to her love of Harry?

Oy vey, British gossip, we can’t keep up.