Harry Styles Attacked On Stage

February 27, 2013 By:
Harry Styles Attacked On Stage
Image By: wenn.com

One Direction fans are now channeling their over-enthusiasm into temper tantrum stage-attacks.

Harry Styles—whom you all know from his recent high-profile role as Taylor Swift’s latest trick—was struck by a flying shoe during a recent performance in Glasgow, Scotland. This is news not because the crooner was shoe-attacked, but because of where he was struck.

In short, Harry was hit in the balls with the flying footwear projectile.

Two sneakers were hurled onto the stage during an interlude of the boy bellowers’ set. The second of which seemed to connect with Mr. Styles’ junk.

The singer crumbled in an impressive display of faux-pain as his band mates savored the slapstick appeal of this turn of events.

Pacing around the fallen soldier, Niall, Zayn, Liam and Louis all mumbled some UK-accented gibberish into their mics. The dialogue is completely inaudible, though, underneath a coalition of tween squeals happening in the auditorium around them.

And, if you really are interested in why a fan decided to throw a shoe at Harry, our only guess is that it was the next best thing to toss onstage, second to a bra. Which, let’s face it, none of the audience is wearing just yet…

Maybe Harry’s nads will heal by the time his fanbase hits puberty.

If you must, here’s the clip: