Halle Berry's Daughter at 'High Risk for Anxiety and Depression,' Says Expert

November 27, 2012 By:
Halle Berry's Daughter at 'High Risk for Anxiety and Depression,' Says Expert


With all the drama surrounding the name “Halle Berry” lately, it’s easy to neglect the most vulnerable soul in this salty situation: her four-year-old daughter, Nahla.

In the wake of the pre-Thanksgiving fight that left Nahla’s father Gabriel Aubry with a swollen face and busted ribcage, the toddler might be getting the shortest end of the stick, so says an expert child psychologist.

Hollyscoop spoke with the Dr. Sharon Fried Buchalter, licensed psychologist to the stars and diplomat in adolescent and child psychology,

who says the explosive environment that Nahla is growing up in could have some nasty and lasting effects.

“It really puts her at high risk for anxiety and depression and great fear,” says Buchalter.

The doctor is referring to Nahla witnessing the fight between Gabriel and Halle’s fiancé Olivier Martinez, which took place the day before Thanksgiving. Nahla’s father was dropping the toddler off at Olivier and Halle’s Los Angeles home when a physical altercation took place, resulting in Gabriel being arrested and charged for battery.

“As far as she [Nahla] is concerned, you don't even know if the child is afraid to live in the situation with Olivier as opposed to her father,” says Buchalter. “In her mind, her father was beat up by him.”

Buchalter suggested that taking a child away from her father could be “extremely detrimental,” and the court should consider amending the emergency protective order that bans Gabriel from coming within 100 yards of the Nahla, to allow supervised visitation.

Coincidentally, this is the exact scenario the court ordered earlier this year when he was accused of pushing Nahla’s nanny while the child was in the caretaker’s arms…

“With a young child you may see whining, tantrums, self control issues,” says Buchalter on possible consequences from being away from Gabriel.

“All of these things come into play. In their school, in their social view…. It is a major problem.”

More importantly, Buchalter noted that Nahla’s parents should keep in mind that Nahla is an impressionable factor and not just a tool to be exploited in their bitter feud.

“The child should not be in the middle. Regardless of who started the fight,” says Buchalter, “that is not the issue.”