5 Actors 'Downton Abbey' Should Never Cast

January 26, 2013 By:
5 Actors 'Downton Abbey' Should Never Cast

In a recent interview published by Star magazine, a source revealed that Gwyneth Paltrow was having her people work like hounds to try to score her a spot on the wildly successful British series, “Downton Abbey.”

The role in question is said to be a “cameo” that would appear in the fourth season of the period drama.

Because we think this is such a bad idea that it could serve as the sole factor to plunge the decorated series into oblivion, here are five other actors that would assist Gwyneth in killing “Downton Abbey” dead.

Lil Wayne: For some reason, a Lil Wayne and Maggie Smith combination seems like a match made in television heaven. Unfortunately, it’s not the particular heaven viewers are interested in seeing. Also, he’d probably kill Thomas Barrow, just to watch him die.

Lindsay Lohan: After seeing what Lindsay did to the Lifetime channel, we have a hard time believing that PBS would let the teetering star anywhere near their brand. Unless they somehow wrote a wench into the series, or needed someone to breathe alot on camera.

Honey Boo Boo: She’d get "sketti" stains all over her proper clothes and drive the staff crazy with the wildlife she keeps bringing in from the woods. “Downton Abbey” would surely become “Downton Abysmal.”

Nicki Minaj: With the way she runs her mouth at Mariah Carey on “American Idol,” Nicki wouldn't last a day with Mrs. Hughes around. But Mrs. Crawley would probably like her.

Ryan Lochte: Do you really expect the guy who can’t even put a complete sentence together in interviews to pull off accented dialogue and period sentence structure? We say he could pull off a mute role as the footman or something. But, then again, his face doesn’t read any emotion either.