George Clooney Sets Record Straight On Cheating Speculation

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George Clooney Sets Record Straight On Cheating Speculation
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Over the weekend, George “Perfect” Clooney was reportedly caught HOLDING HANDS with an ex-hookup, some model named Monika Jakisic, which basically sent the Internet and Stacy Keibler’s life into turmoil.

According to a source, George and his rumored fling were at a members only club in London and displaying lots of PDA.

“They seemed to be having a great old time together,” a club-goer told In Touch, “He didn’t seem to care who saw them. He was being openly affectionate. He looked very happy – they were smitten with each other.”

We were pretty skeptical of this story to begin with. For starters, Monika who? Secondly, the source added that Clooney was dancing to hip-hop music all night. No, just no.

Thankfully, George Clooney’s rep just gave Hollyscoop this statement straight from Clooney himself to set the record straight on these so-called cheating rumors.

“The story is made up. I wasn't holding anybody's hand,” says Clooney, “Stop trying to sell magazines by creating scandal that isn't there.”

We believe that last dig is directed at In Touch. We'll let them know.