George Clooney: I Will Never Be a Father

December 5, 2011 By:
George Clooney: I Will Never Be a Father

Well, no-one ever thought he was heading in that direction, but George Clooney just confirmed that he has no plans to ever have kids because he's too dedicated to his career.

He told Australia's Daily Telegraph newspaper, "I've always known fatherhood wasn't for me. Raising kids is a huge commitment and has to be your top priority. For me, that priority is my work. That's why I'll never get married again," says Clooney.

You can have a career and still have kids. Clooney should take advice from his buddy Brad Pitt, Pitt's got like 6 or 7 of those (kids, I mean) and still manages to crank out several films for year.

Clooney was married once to actress Talia Balsam from 1989 to 1993 and she's the only woman who can ever claim that she "tamed" George Clooney, well for 5 years at least. After her, he's just been a serial monogamist, dating plenty of women but staying far away from becoming a family man.

Even Clooney's younger co-workers think he would be a bad dad. Amara Miller plays Clooney's daughter in his new film, "The Descendants," and she previously said, "Let me just say, he wouldn't be good as a father," says Miller, "He wouldn't be the best as a father."

When an 11-year-old says you'd suck at being a dad, you're obviously doing something wrong.

She continues, "George likes being an adult. George has fun being an adult, and I don't think he would like having kids. I know that he's not planning on having kids anytime soon."

"George has fun being an adult," what does that mean? Going to strip clubs? Getting rental cars?

Clooney is currently dating former pro-wrestler Stacy Keibler, but he should probably stop dating 30 something women in their prime childbearing years if he doesn't want kids.

His last girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis also said Clooney was never headed towards fatherhood, "George and I never spoke about marriage or children," she once told Italian magazine Chi, "I'm not saying that I don't want them but neither he or I ever imagined having children together."

Even though Clooney goes through women and parades around Hollywood like a much younger man, he says he will never try to hide his graying hair.

"I hear all this talk about how grey I'm becoming, but I can't imagine ever dying my hair. My dad has a full head of white hair and I think it looks pretty good," says the actor.