George Clooney and Julia Roberts Team Up to Sue Someone

May 2, 2012 By:
George Clooney and Julia Roberts Team Up to Sue Someone

George Clooney and Julia Roberts team up for a lawsuit! Ahhh, I was hoping it would say, “Clooney and Roberts teaming up for a movie about George Clooney dumping Stacy Keibler and falling in love with meee!” Kidding! Here’s the story!

Anyways, Clooney and Roberts are suing two audio-visual companies for using their names and pictures to boost sales, against Clooney and Roberts wishes. The companies sell high-end movie projectors and entertainment systems and Clooney and Roberts want nothing to do with it!

The companies being sued by the thespians are called Beyond Audio, which is based in Canada and Digital Audio in Georgia.

“Defendants prominently used large photographs of Plaintiffs in Defendants’ advertising, marketing and promotions including print advertisements published in numerous magazines over the past several months,” as stated in the lawsuit and obtained by The Hollywood Reporter.

In non-lawyer speak, that means that those two companies used pictures of the actors and Clooney and Roberts didn’t want them to. Shut it down!

The two superstars thought that by joining forces to sue it would “make a statement.”

Not that they need any more money, but they are seeking unspecified compensatory damages, as well as treble damages, punitive damages, attorneys fees and an injunction against the further use of their names or images in conjunction with the two companies.