Fergie: God Told Me to Quit Drugs So I Did

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Fergie: God Told Me to Quit Drugs So I Did
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The Black Eyed Pea is opening up about her dark past. Fergie has had quite the track record leading up to where she is today. During an interview on “Oprah’s Next Chapter” the pop icon and actress opened up about her experience with drugs and what it took for her to quit.
"My brain had been playing a lot of tricks on me. You're kind of living in this alternate reality,” she told Oprah, sitting outside under the afternoon sun.
Despite their pleasant surroundings, the mood of the conversation moved to a solemn tone more than a couple times throughout the episode. 

"I started getting really paranoid,” said Fergie, getting into the scary times. “So I went one day into this church and I thought that the FBI and the SWAT teams were outside the church.” 
The “Glamorous” singer says that, while in the church she had a conversation with God where she made a deal that would go on to change her life.
“I said, 'Alright, if I go out there and the FBI and the SWAT team's not out there, then it's the drugs and I'm stopping,” she said. 
When Fergie went outside and discovered that she had not been followed into the sacred temple, she decided then and there to make good on her promise. It was the anchor that she clung to in order to stay clean for the rest of her life. 
She admitted that she started taking drugs – leading up to crystal meth - in her teenage years. It was something she continued for a while, almost sinking her career. 
Because of her drug use, she felt unable to tell her ‘90s group Wild Orchid of her dreams to break free in a solo career. 
“What I should have done was said, 'Girls, it's really time for me to go [out] on my own. I need to fulfill this dream of mine to have a solo album.' And I didn't know how to do that, I didn't know how to deal with that confrontation,” she said.
Despite a low point that saw her at a weight of 90 pounds, Fergie was able to pull herself out of her hole and get her life back on track. 
In the interview, she also talked about her sexual endeavors with other women and the relationship troubles with her husband Josh Duhamel, both of which she has also left in the rearview.