Emma Watson Denies Johnny Borrell Romance

February 14, 2008 By:
Emma Watson Denies Johnny Borrell Romance

Last week there were reports that 'Harry Potter' cutie Emma Watson was hooking up with Kirsten Dunst's ex, Johnny Borrell after they were seen leaving a party together. Emma was quick to respond to the rumors and posted a blog to clarify the hookup rumors.

Happy Valentine's Day!

This week is Fashion Week and although I have been filming during the day I managed to make it to the Burberry and Vanity Fair part at the National Portrait gallery. The photographs were so beautiful and I was so chuffed with the book of all of them that they gave me. I met Christopher Baily (the designer) which was really exciting. I also met Johnny Borrell (who is modelling for Burberry at the moment) and went on to PPQ in the same cab. I'd never met him before so that was great as I'm a big Razorlight fan. But goodness, I am really going to have to watch who I stand next to from now on!! Maybe I should stand next to Orlando Bloom and then we can be said to be 'dating'!

Hope you are all well,

- Emma x