Celebrities Who Have Celebrity Fans

August 26, 2011 By:
Celebrities Who Have Celebrity Fans

If being famous isn't awesome enough, some celebrities' biggest fans are other celebrities. When you're in the public eye, it seems like you'd be immune to getting star struck. But there's always another star that will make a celeb lose their minds.

Hollyscoop asked celebrities about their biggest celebrity fans, and here's what they had to say.

Viola Davis: Meryl Streep: Hollyscoop asked the star of The Help if another celebrity has ever told her they're a fan. "Yes they have, it's wonderful. Meryl Streep, that's a big one!" That's a huuuuuge one. It doesn’t get any bigger than Meryl Streep.

Emma Stone: Selena Gomez: Selena Gomez loves Emma Stone, even calling Stone her mentor. Stone expressed her flattery, saying, "That is very sweet."

Aziz Ansari: 50 Cent: We asked Aziz who liked better, Madonna or Lady Gaga. After thinking a while, he responded: "50 Cent."

In an interview with David Letterman, Ansari recounted a story that involved eavesdropping on the rapper. Aziz was seated next to 50 while in a restaurant in New York:

"He ordered a grapefruit soda. The waiter brings him a grapefruit soda. And then 50 Cent said the greatest thing anyone could say when they order a grapefruit soda. He said, 'Why isn't this purple?'….I realized, 'Oh my God, 50 Cent has no idea what a grapefruit is.'"

Olivia Wilde: Oprah: We asked Olivia who she would trade places with if she could: "I'd like to say Oprah, sometimes Oprah’s friend Gayle," Wilde told Hollyscoop. "I kind of shift between the two, I think they have it done right.

Leslie Jordan: Dolly Parton: Leslie Jordan might be tiny, but he's got a huge fan—Dolly Parton. "She didn’t come up to me, she told a friend of mine that wrote for her," Jordan told Hollyscoop. "She said, 'That little boy, that little funny man…I’m his biggest fan!'"

Allison Janney: Steve Martin: The West Wing actress told Hollscoop: "Steve Martin came up to me once and complimented me on a pratfall I did in the movie 'Primary Colors', and that was a pretty awesome moment for me."

Rashida Jones: Jack Black: Rashida Jones stars with Jack Black in the upcoming flick, The Big Year. "I love Jack Black so much," Rashida told HS. "I was so thrilled to work with him, I'm such a huge fan."

Demi Lovato: Eminem: Hollyscoop asked Demi Lovato who her favorite artists were. "I'm a real big fan of Eminem," Lovato told us. She also listed Lady Antabellum and Rascal Flatts as artists she admired.

Dmitry Chaplin: Johnny Depp: " I’m the biggest fan of Johnny Depp," Dmitry told us. "I have been his admirer forever."