Hollywood Halloween: Stars Get Weird

October 31, 2012 By:
Hollywood Halloween: Stars Get Weird

Not even a hurricane superstorm can change the fact that today’s date is October 31.

And, while we hope the unfortunate weather will keep Michael Myers tucked away and out of sights (and nightmares), some people are still getting festive.

Canceled plans, or triumph through the sloppy hardship, here’s a roundup of all the things that are going down during Hollywood’s Halloween:

Ellen Degeneres strapped on some fake double-D’s for her Halloween interpretation of Sofia Vergara. And, the fact that it’s Ellen, you know she’s going to go all out.

From the looks of it, she raided Sofia’s actual closet, dressing up in the “Modern Family” actress’ Emmys gown. To fill in the extra space left behind with Ellen’s petite figure, the talk show host wore a curvy bodysuit. Oh—and as an added bonus, Ellen’s faux-butt poked out of the dress to show off Sofia’s now infamous wardrobe malfunction. Holy crack!

Pete Wentz and girlfriend Meagan Camper’s costume was easy to recognize—you may have heard of them: Honey Boo Boo and her reality TV father figure Sugar Bear. Disturbing doesn’t begin to describe it…

Speaking of weird costumes, Fergie and her husband Josh Duhamel dressed up as Angelyne and Dennis Woodruff. It was uncanny.

Also extraordinarily on the nose was Miley Cyrus’ depiction of Nicki Minaj that she shared with her followers on Twitter. Though she hardly has the rapper’s voluptuous body type, she worked with what God gave her in a leopard leotard, puckered her lips and sticking out her caboose.

If you’re raging celebrity junkie you probably already hear that Heidi Klum had to cancel her anticipated holiday party (#sadface).

"Hope you & your loved ones are safe after the storm," she tweeted. “Canceling my Halloween party...postponing to a haunted Christmas."

Other parties that didn’t get canceled include: Bette Midler’s $1,000-a-plate Hulaween, Kim Kardashian’s Midori’s Green Halloween Party (which already happened), and Kristin Cavallari’s Bing It On Halloween Costume Challenge at Spirit Halloween (which also already happened).