Top 8 Biggest Grinches of 2012

December 22, 2012 By:
Top 8 Biggest Grinches of 2012


From surprise weddings (Blake Lively) to baby announcements (Kate Middleton) to adopting puppies (Robsten Pattinstewart) to more surprise-surprise! weddings (Jessica Biel), there were a lot of happy and merry reporting to go around this year about happy and merry individuals.

But for each story that had you (and Justin Timberlake) jumping for joy, there was a grumpy celeb to pull you right back down to reality with their plain, mean demeanor. Rude, right?

This holiday, we rounded up a list of the top 10 grinches of 2012 who might want to consider growing a heart size (or two) in 2013.

1.  Donald Trump ­– Donald is clearly the type who’d leave some cookies and milk out for Santa, then charge St. Nick $5 for eating. From his unsolicited opinions on a celebrity who’s-who in Who-llywood and self-promotional hostile baiting of Barack Obama, the condescending Donald judged from high atop his Trump Tower all year and it was a look about as good as his “hair” (not pretty). Just ask the people who signed that “Dump Trump” petition—all 650,000+ of them—and they’d agree, this guy is the Grinch of grinches. If he’s going to continue with this embittered attitude, let’s hope it’s in conjunction with constructing even taller real estate buildings. Anything to keep him far, far away from us in 2013.

2.  Piers Morgan ­– Piers loves Twitter. And by “loves” we mean loathes. Every other week it seemed we were treated to ham-fisted grasps at relevancy by the smug journalist by childishly poking, proding, @-ing celebs from Rihanna to One Direction (presumably to get on his starving-for-ratings show), and I think the only reason we even bother listening is because it’s in a British accent. Piers clearly gets a self-satisfied kick off the attention which is just one of the many undesirable qualities of a grinch.

3.  Adam Levine – Adam made his way onto this list because people who hate 7-year-olds make their way onto this list. Direct quote: “Seriously, Honey Boo Boo [Alana Thompson] is the decay of Western civilization…Fuck those idiots. They’re just the worst…Just to clarify, I said, ‘Fuck those people!’” Um, she’s seven, Adam. Angry much, bro?

4.  Angus T. Jones ­– The “Two and a Half Men” child star grew up, got angry, joined a weird anti-everything cult, and started telling people to stop watching his show, while still hypocritically collecting his $350,000 per episode pay check, and somewhere an elf erased “Angus T. Jones” from the “Nice” list and added it to the “Naughty.”

5.  Amanda Bynes – From drunk driving to just hating acting in general, this girl had a long year. As she attempts to transition out of her childhood Nickelodeon roles into stuff “more adult,” it appears Amanda is taking this to mean she needs to break laws, subvert common manners (like hogging dressing rooms), and hit and runs, which ironically, is more along the lines of what a child would do.

6.  Clint Eastwood – The “get off my lawn!” grouch got mean in the oddest way possible at the GOP convention this year, pulling out an empty chair that he proceeded to mock, except the joke was kind of on him the whole time. This grinch just needs a little nap.

7.  Nicki Minaj… The rainbow-hue wigged diva showed her true colors when she flipped out on diva Mariah Carey right on the set of “American Idol.”

8.…OR Mariah Carey – Then again, depending on whose side of the story you believe, Mariah had been provoking Nicki the whole time, with passive-aggressive cut downs which isn’t so hard to believe either.