Diane Sawyer Slurs Her Way Through Election Coverage

November 7, 2012 By:
Diane Sawyer Slurs Her Way Through Election Coverage

For those of you locked into Brian Williams’ gripping report last night on NBC, you apparently missed out because the real party was going down at ABC World News…

Media icon Diane Sawyer seemed out of sorts propped up next to George Stephanopoulos during ABC’s coverage of the final moments of the 2012 presidential campaign on Tuesday. And “out of sorts” is just one way to put it; another is “drunk as a skunk” and that seems to be the general consensus this morning.

Following the sloppy episode—which thanks to Youtube is readily available for analysis in hindsight—

the Twitterverse exploded with accusations that the co-anchor had prepped for the broadcast spot the same way she had prepped for pledge week during her Wellesley College days…

“Diane Sawyer is drunk. On America. No, really, I think she is drunk,” commented one Twitter citizen.

“And Diane Sawyer declares tonight's winner is... chardonnay!” said another.

Another user added, “I can't wait until Diane Sawyer interviews herself for being Drunk Diane Sawyer.”

The incident spurred so much next-day drama that it inspired one user to create a Twitter handle in honor of that very “Drunk Diane Sawyer.”

“hey guys wh o won i fell aslee?p” the drunken tweeter wrote on Wednesday. (In case she’s reading this: Obama won! Now go drink some coconut water.)

The new handle has already generated over 1,000 followers.

All the online meanness aside, the proof truly seems to be in the pudding, as Diane fidgets in her chair, calls for music, points off frame aimlessly, and asks the Obama campaigners what an exclamation point means…

Unfortunately for Sawyer, this isn’t the only time she has been accused of getting sloshed before going on air. Here’s a clip from the archives where she is captured popping pills and sipping from a rather large glass of red wine.

Despite the production team’s attempt to cover up the behavior with a station logo, there’s no question what's really going on.

Diane, you are the new Keith Richards of the evening news!