Demi Moore Loses Spousal Support in Ashton Kutcher Divorce

October 31, 2013 By:
Demi Moore Loses Spousal Support in Ashton Kutcher Divorce
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Now that the dust has settled on Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s divorce, the particulars of their compromise are coming to light.

TMZ’s sources close to the legal proceedings revealed that Demi will not be receiving any spousal support from her ex-husband.

Not that she desperately needs the money—she’s already worth $150 million on her own—but because Ashton cheated on her she was asking for compensation out of principle.

However, the divorce is in California, a no-fault state that doesn’t automatically entitle someone to spousal support because of cheating.

As they approached making their divorce official, Demi decided to back off on that particularity (a lost cause) and instead decided to split the earnings they made during their marriage.

Regarding their property assets, Ashton was “a little more generous than he had to be,” a source told the site.

TMZ’s sources informed them that Demi felt that cheating aside, Ashton also betrayed her by supposedly hiding some of his tech businesses from her while they were married, and she wanted a percentage.

But now both parties are satisfied with the divorce settlement and ready to move on…as are all of us.