Demi & Ashton's Marriage Was Falling Apart for 'A Long Time'

November 21, 2011 By:
Demi & Ashton's Marriage Was Falling Apart for 'A Long Time'

From the minute legendary silver screen actress Demi Moore started dating Kelso from That '70s Show, people were taken aback. The fifteen-year age difference made Demi the ultimate cougar, and she relished in her May-December romance when the two tied the knot six years ago.

Then, apparently reality settled in, and Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher went through a bunch of issues that you would expect to come up in a relationship like that.

A friend of Kutcher's tells People Magazine that the marriage was "deteriorating for a long time." According to the mag, some of the issues they dealt with were that famous age difference, Ashton's wandering eye, and Demi's insecurities. And those insecurities no doubt came up because of the first two.

"Ashton was ready to end it," the friend explained, but "he wanted to wait for Demi to actually do it. He loved her but couldn’t live with her."

The pal continues that Moore "really wanted to save the marriage but couldn’t deal with the pain of his cheating." Another friend says, "They were fed up with each other."

My wife is the worst! She won't even let me cheat on her!

Speculation has been mounting over recent weeks that the two also had an "open marriage." One of Ashton's alleged mistresses came forward to claim "that's what he told me. I was honest with everyone about that. I feel a little bit used now."

Yes, this is about you.

"[I feel] a little bit lied to, like maybe that wasn't the truth. My heart goes out to her."

Yeah, that's what every estranged wife wants to hear. Sympathy from their husband's mistress.

After the split, Ashton was back on the set of Two and a Half Men, where crew members said it was "business as usual." Which means he was probably having sex with a random girl in a hot tub. In fact, he was even photographed with a big, fat smile on his face. Meanwhile, Demi is said to be taking some time off in Hawaii.

Both of them are back to work. Kutcher's new movie, New Year's Eve, premieres December 9th, while Demi just wrapped up filming on LOL with her costar, Miley Cyrus. So that means a lot of promoting in the coming months.

An insider says that Demi wants Ashton out by Christmas.

"Right now the plan is to make it through the holidays, having as little to do with each other as possible" the source says. "By the time the New Year rolls around they'll have worked out who gets what money-wise."