David Beckham: Let's Have a Beer!

August 4, 2010 By:
David Beckham: Let's Have a Beer!

David Beckham has a lot of free time on his hands now that he's injured and unable to play soccer--so he's starting a new business venture.

David is reportedly planning on opening a bar in LA with famed chef Gordon Ramsay. He wants a bar to call home in LA that will also have great English food.

A friend of David’s told the Daily Star newspaper: “He wants pie and mash, fish and chips and even chicken in a basket on the menu, just like the meals he eats when he’s in the UK.”

David has previously mentioned how much he would love to have his own restaurant, and him and Gordon are BFF's so they're a perfect match for the new venture.

He recently said: “We had a great time together, a lot of fun and a lot of laughs – just cooking and having fun.
“So maybe one day we will have a restaurant together! Who knows?”

He added: “I miss English pubs - having a good lager shandy and a Sunday lunch while watching the football.”
Speaking about the possible pub venture, a spokesman for David said: “There are no plans in the pipeline, but never say never.”

We'd go to the bar everyday just for the slight chance of running into him and Victoria. Go for it Becks!