David Beckham Gets Accosted in Milan

January 21, 2010 By:
David Beckham Gets Accosted in Milan

David Beckham got manhandled while on a recent trip to Italy! The soccer star was doing an interview outside his hotel in Milan when an Italian journalist ambushed him from the side and grabbed his package!

The woman, named Elena Di Cioccio, had a yellow glove on, and reached down and squeezed him. She insists her reasoning was to test how Beckham measured up to his Armani photos, in which he’s wearing just a pair of tight underwear.

David immediately retracted, and, by the look of his face in the video, did not seem amused by the woman’s antics. Di Cioccio, however, seemed quite pleased with herself, running down the street yelling “E piccolo, Beckham,” which translates to “Beckham is small.”

Watch the hilarious clip below!