Dakota Fanning A Diva?

February 16, 2008 By:
Dakota Fanning A Diva?

Dakota Fanning is a great actress, but has she already become a diva? Last week, we reported that Dakota dropped out of her latest film, My Sister's Keeper, because she didn't wanna shave her head.

Production on the movie was supposed to start next month. The film is about little girl who sues for emancipation from parents who conceived her as a genetic match so she could prolong the life of her ailing older sister.

While doing research for the role, Dakota visited a hospital with the director of the movie, Nick Cassavetes. They visited some child cancer patients so Dakota can get a better feeling of what her role entails. While in the room filled with cancer patients, Dakota was reportedly heard saying, "there is no way I will ever shave my head and look like these kids."

Wow, that's sorta harsh! After that the director of the movie has been seen wearing a t-shirt saying FDF(I'll let you figure out what that means) and Dakota has dropped out of the film and taken her sister with her.