Cory Monteith’s Double Life In Vancouver Revealed

July 16, 2013 By:
Cory Monteith’s Double Life In Vancouver Revealed

Cory Monteith passed away in a Canadian hotel room on Saturday, yet friends and sources aren’t surprised. Why? Because Cory would apparently regularly travel north of the border to his hometown of Vancouver to party hard with his hometown friends.

According to reports, Cory was basically a saint in LA with his girlfriend Lea Michele and when he was on the “Glee” set. But when he wanted to drink and party hard, all he had to do was head home to Vancouver.

Sources tell TMZ that Cory was nearly sober whenever he was in LA or with Lea, but when he was in Vancouver, Cory acted like the drinking and hard-partying didn't count. Like doing drugs in Vancouver was somehow “okay” because it wasn’t ruining his “Glee” image or his relationship, or so he thought.

Apparently Cory’s family tried to reach out whenever they knew he was abusing and he would push them away. So they stopped negging him so hard, because they didn’t want him to be so distant.

It’s true that Cory was spotted throwing back beers at a bar with Vancouver friends the day before he passed away.

Rarely did paparazzi catch Cory and Lea heading to bars in LA.