How Christina Aguilera Lost 30 Lbs

July 31, 2013 By:
How Christina Aguilera Lost 30 Lbs

On Monday, Christina Aguilera caused an uproar when she went to some red carpet event looking like a lollipop.

The singer appeared to have lost about 30 pounds and everyone wants to know how she did it.

Well, we’ll tell you.

Yoga and Stuff: Christina isn’t into cardio or anything sweaty like that. Her friend tells Life & Style, “Christina does workouts that include mind-and-body exercises, like yoga.”

No Carbs: See ya later carbohydrates, a typical meal for Christina consists of fish and vegetables. Roasted chicken over an arugula salad. Chicken curry in coconut milk and a side of Persian cucumbers.

No Fast Food: Apparently X-Tina loved “driving thru” as her main form of food preparation, but had to cut out fast food entirely. Also, portion control. She eats small portions of everything.

Fish, Fish, Fish: Smoked Salmon, tuna, skinless boneless sardines…all she eats is fish! Fish is a healthy “fat” that lets you “feel full.”