Chris Brown is Quitting Music

August 6, 2013 By:
Chris Brown is Quitting Music

Chris Brown tweeted today that he's leaving the recording industry once and for all.

To which everyone replied, “Okay, but only if you promise…”

In two tweets, the singer announced his departure from music:

Of course, the “mistake I made when I was 18” Chris is referring to is when he physically assaulted his then-girlfriend Rihanna just before the 2009 Grammy Awards.

Even in his attempt to excoriate himself for that night, Chris’ use of the word “mistake” doesn’t help his case.

A “mistake” is leaving your phone ringer on when you’re in a movie theater, forgetting to turn the coffeemaker off when you leave your apartment, what your Starbucks barista does every morning when they call you by the wrong name. Repeatedly beating someone isn't merely a "mistake."

After all this time to reflect, still saying it was a “mistake,” in such a defensive manner, doesn’t sound like he’s holding himself accountable for his actions, like he’s reducing what he did.

He claims that his next album, “X,” due out this month on August 20, will be his final release. Like some artists before him, this could easily be a marketing ploy on his part. After releasing two new singles, neither of which charted with much success, this “retirement” might be a way to generate some steam for his album.

In related news: Yesterday, Chris turned himself in to Los Angeles authorities a day early, so he could be booked for a hit-and-run case against him from earlier this year.