Did Charlie Sheen Give Zac Efron a Million Dollar Baseball?

December 17, 2012 By:
Did Charlie Sheen Give Zac Efron a Million Dollar Baseball?

Charlie Sheen has created a bit of a habit lately of giving people tons of money. Lindsay Lohan, little girls with cancer, etc etc so when we heard that Charlie Sheen gifted Hollywood cherub Zac Efron with a $2.6 million baseball, we didn’t think twice about believing it.

Charlie reportedly had a party over the weekend that Zac attended.

Zac noticed a very valuable baseball signed by Babe Ruth sitting on a shelf and told Charlie how much he admired it, so Charlie gave it to him.

Mind you, this baseball was worth $2.6 million! Charlie is reportedly regretting giving him the baseball, because like, hello $2.6 million dollars!

Well, you can rest assured that Charlie still has his prized ball, “this report is totally untrue,” says Charlie’s rep Larry Solters.

Awww, boo, I really liked the idea of Charlie having to call up Zac Efron and be like “Hey, remember that ball I gave you? Ohh, I did shots with you and then said ‘take anything you want?’ Ok, I don’t remember that…moral of the story, I’m gonna need that ball back.”

The truth here is that nothing was stolen from Charlie Sheen. But verdict still out on if Zac and Charlie actually partied together over the weekend.