Charlie Sheen Trying to Get Out of Paying Child Support

July 3, 2013 By:
Charlie Sheen Trying to Get Out of Paying Child Support

Charlie Sheen doesn’t want to give ex-wife Brooke Mueller any mo monie$$$

Yep, Charlie just filed legal documents this week asking a judge to cancel his obligation to pay his ex Brooke Mueller $55-thousand dollars a month in child support for their twins Bob and Max. Dead beat dad? No way.

He's not trying to screw his children out of their hard earned child support or get more spending money for his "extracurricular" affairs, he just doesn't think his ex should get that money because…um, SHE IS IN REHAB! Brooke could buy a lot of drugs with $55K a month is all we’re saying.

Brooke’s not even taking care for their kids! As everyone knows, his other ex wife Denise Richards is doing that! 

Right now, Denise gets $55K a month and Brooke does too, but Brooke is in rehab with no children to care for and Denise is taking care of ALL OF THEM. Charlie wants to give Denise MORE money in child support but she refused the offer. What a saint.

Also, Charlie doesn’t want to pay for any more of Brooke’s rehab stints. He’s paid for all the other 100 times she’s checked in and out of rehab. For the record, its her 20th time in rehab.

We’ll see how this all pans out.