Charlie Sheen Nixed From 'Men'?

February 23, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen Nixed From 'Men'?

All the Charlie Sheen drama might finally be climaxing, which is good, because I’m running out of ways to poke fun at him. CBS is discussing the option of continuing ‘Two and a Half Men’ without Sheen.

An insider told the, “Charlie has become too big a risk to not have a backup plan in case he has another incident and forces production to be shut down."

Too big a risk is right. After his recent meltdown, CBS stock dropped about 7 percent, and CBS had to charge their advertisers an additional $50,000 to make up for it.

I think when Charlie Sheen’s addictions have a bigger impact on the economy than the recession, that makes a huge statement about the country we live in. And that statement is, we love our f-cking television! Hell yeah! U-S-A!!

Now the question is, can a hit show still survive without the celebrity who plays the very character that’s based on him? Focus groups are saying, yes.

"Would the show take a big hit? Yes, but if they found the right person to replace him it would survive and maybe even grow,” says an insider.

But who could CBS go with to make the transition as smooth as possible? Play TV exec and tells us, who would be the best Charlie Sheen replacement?