Charlie Sheen: Brooke Mueller Would Never Sling Rock

December 8, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen: Brooke Mueller Would Never Sling Rock

If you’ve never listened to hip hop, that means sell drugs.

Brooke Mueller was charged with assault and intent to distribute drugs when she was arrested in Aspen, Colorado over the weekend. But Charlie Sheen says that Brooke would never be a drug dealer. Then again, it’s Charlie Sheen, so take that for what it’s worth.

Sheen is believed to give Brooke about $55,000 per month in child support. He told TMZ:

“With the child support I give her ... she's gonna deal drugs? Never gonna happen."

I mean, I get what he’s saying, but when you’re as drugged up as Brooke Mueller, I don’t think logic and reason really come into play very often. And anyway, it’s "intent to distribute drugs". Maybe she was giving it away for free. It’s the holidays, after all.

Meanwhile, Sheen and Mueller are considering sharing joint custody of their sons. Right now Brooke has primary custody of both of them.

“We're interested in co-parenting ... the kids need two parents,” Sheen said.

For the record, this is the same guy who said:

"I was banging seven-gram rocks, because that’s how I roll. I have one speed, I have one gear: Go."

"If you’re a part of my family, I will love you violently."

“If you borrowed my brain for five seconds, you’d be like, ‘Dude! Can’t handle it, unplug this bastard!’ "It fires in a way that’s maybe not from, uh… this terrestrial realm.”

So I’m not sure if parenting is his best subject.

Brooke is reportedly hoping to have the charges against her dropped.

Her rep, Steve Honig, insists lawyer Yale Galanter will "vigorously defend Brooke with the goal of having all charges dropped once the facts of the case come to light".

After Brooke was arrested, the kids were placed in Charlie’s care, and he has been “doing what he’s gotta do” to provide them with a stable living environment. Sheen has reportedly also been working on his new sitcom, which will begin shooting early next year.

What else has Sheen been up to? Tweeting his phone number, apparently. On Wednesday night, Twitter blew up when Sheen was reported to have accidentally posted his own phone number on his Twitter account.

“310-954-7277 Call me bro. C,” Sheen tweeted at approximately 10:33p.m. on Dec. 7. A few minutes after Sheen sent the tweet, the message was quickly removed.

Could’ve been worse. Could’ve been a picture of his wiener.