Cate Blanchett Wants To Be A James Bond Villain

February 29, 2012 By:
Cate Blanchett Wants To Be A James Bond Villain

If she can play Bob Dylan, she can play anything.

Ridiculously talented actress Cate Blanchett has played everyone from a 60s male folk singer to Queen Elizabeth I. But there’s one role she’s still dying to take on: James Bond Villain.

“Oh God! Yes! I’d be there in a heartbeat,” Cate told the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK. “I love Lotta Lenya [Ross Klebb in 1963’s From Russia with Love]. She had a club foot and a limp. I’m not a purist in that way.”

So what’s the secret to Cate’s immense talent? The actress says she uses acting as an emotional outlet.

“When you’re a teenager, you act things out rather than experience them, so that through a relationship being cataclysmic, you reach some emotional catharsis. I have that through work now, so I don’t need to act it out in my daily life. Not that I think all work is therapy.”

But when it comes to getting behind the camera, Cate’s not as confident. The actress says:

“There is a film I’d love to direct, but I just don’t know if I’ve got the patience. In theatre, you can have an idea and get on with it. In film, you hear of people sitting on an idea for eight years, by which time the idea has changed and evolved and become something else.”

Blanchett is married to playwright Andrew Upton and says he has a habit of giving her domestic gifts.

“My husband went through a phase of giving me vacuum cleaners, sewing machines and Mixmasters. It's ironic. He is encouraging me to develop a hobby, I think. And an actress once advised me, ‘Make sure you do your own laundry - it will keep you honest.’”