It's Giveaway Friday! What's Your Pre-Baby Advice For Carrie Underwood?

May 4, 2012 By:
It's Giveaway Friday! What's Your Pre-Baby Advice For Carrie Underwood?

UPDATE: Congrats to @Day2theVid (David Martinez) for winning this week's contest!

Seems like everyone in Hollywood is having a baby, it’s very trendy, but one celebrity who's swearing off babies for now is singer Carrie Underwood.

Underwood says she and her hockey-player husband of nearly two years, Mike Fisher, have no plans to start a family just yet.

“We’re good. I’m super busy and he is super busy. We are still newlyweds,” says Underwood, “I honestly think that if we brought a kid into it would mess things up right now! We’re good right now!”

Good, I can’t add anyone else to my baby bump watch. I started loosing track somewhere around Drew Barrymore and Anna Paquin’s baby bump.

Carrie is all tied up promoting her new album “Blown Away” and is set to go on tour September 2012.

However, she and hubby make time for their dogs.

“He [Mike] wants to know how ‘my kids’ are doing,” she says, “My kids are the dogs. He will send me pictures of them on a daily basis and makes sure that I know they are okay.”

Carrie thinks she’s too busy to have a baby right now, so what’s the most important thing Carrie and her husband should do before they have a baby? Tweet us your thoughts @Hollyscoop for a chance to win this weeks prize package.

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