Carrie Underwood: My Husband is a Hoarder!

April 7, 2011 By:
Carrie Underwood: My Husband is a Hoarder!

Carrie Underwood has a serious problem at home: her husband is a pack rat. And you might think that's cute, but if you've ever seen an episode of Hoarders, it's actually pretty depressing.

Underwood told Ellen on The Ellen Degeneres Show, "He got traded to Nashville. He came and he brought all of his crap with him. Our house became…he’s not a hoarder but he’s close, maybe."

I hope this doesn’t mean Carrie is living with seventeen cats, thirteen of which died in 1991. Fortunately, it seems like it's mostly clothing-related.

“He’ll keep shirts and stuff and I’ll go through it. You online shop, you go shopping. He loves to shop.”

Since her days on American Idol, Underwood married hockey player Mike Fischer and stars in the new movie, Soul Surfer. Seems like things are going pretty well, aside from the hoarding thing.

I imagine Carrie trying to convince Mike to let go of his stuff, while he hugs a pile of shirts, crying, "you'll never take my babies away from me!"