Cameron Diaz Might Be Dating Jason Segel

August 21, 2013 By:
Cameron Diaz Might Be Dating Jason Segel

Cameron Diaz is dating Jason Segel?

Uhhh, what?

Fresh out of his relationship with ultra-cute pixie Michelle Williams, Jason Segel has snuck into the arms of maneater Cameron Diaz.

Like we said…what?

This might be the weirdest/worst pairing and we honestly don't know why…perhaps it’s because Cameron Diaz has dated all the age-appropriate men in Hollywood that aren’t already married, except Jason.

According to an eyewitness, “they were dining at [upscale eatery] Nick and Toni’s [in the Hamptons] and seemed to be on a date.”

Then, they went to the grocery store and drove off together! Most likely to buy ingredients for dessert and by dessert we mean…

They are also going to play a married couple in the upcoming comedy Sex Tape, but they met while playing lovers in Bad Teacher.


How do you feel about this pairing, because we aren’t. Feeling it, that is.