You Won’t Believe What Busy Philipps Named Her Baby

July 11, 2013 By:
You Won’t Believe What Busy Philipps Named Her Baby

Okay, we don’t usually write about Busy Phillips, and we usually write about every celebrity when they’re pregnant, so that’s saying something.

But Busy is like that really funny co-worker you sporadically get happy hour drinks with after work, but don’t really know beyond that. And that’s fine; you’re both satisfied with that. That’s Busy Phillips.

Anyway, if you haven’t been following her career since 2003 when Dawson’s Creek went off the air and you've been sobbing uncontrollably ever since, Audrey Busy’s been pregnant the last 9 months! Last week, she, along with her husband Marc Silverstein, welcomed a baby girl and showed her off on Twitter. At the time, we just didn’t know what name to extend our congratulations to. Now we do…

Cricket Pearl Silverstein.

And you thought North West was the most unique name of 2013.

With any celebrity baby name, opinions start flying everywhere and Busy’s already responded on Twitter with a grain of salt.

“It’s weird people think my kids will be in therapy because of their names,” she wrote. “Guys, my kids will be in therapy for LOTS of reasons, I’m sure.”

Cricket has an older sister with an equally unique name, a 4-year-old named Birdie.