Brooke Mueller Sued for $10 Million

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Brooke Mueller Sued for $10 Million
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Brooke Mueller has another legal battle looming on the horizon.

Aside from her contentious custody battle with ex Charlie Sheen, Brooke’s former nanny is coming forward to collect overtime wages running a bill upwards of $10 million.

The woman, Norma Lavizzo, was hired by Brooke within the last four years. TMZ learned it was for a relatively short period of time, however she claims she was regularly working more than 40 hours a week with zero overtime pay.

Her reasoning is that she was on call constantly and therefore working 24 hours a day without any breaks.

Multiple sources close to Brooke have said that the former nanny made a private demand of $10 million before filing the suit.

However, there are already problems with her case. Namely, she apparently signed a release waiving her rights to future money. Brooke had multiple nannies on staff, so the assertion that she was working non-stop is lofty.