Brooke Mueller In Rehab For 19th Time

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Brooke Mueller In Rehab For 19th Time
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Brooke Mueller was a very big deal circa 2009, but if you weren’t into celeb gossip then, well, she’s Charlie Sheen’s third ex-wife and she’s got problems.

Brooke is reportedly addicted to Adderall, which is a prescription used for those with ADD and also by college students who need to stay up all night writing a paper.

Mueller’s attorney just revealed that she had some issues with her Adderall addiction last week but when she went to the hospital, her rep only said that she was going to the hospital for “exhaustion," which as we’ve come to know, is the silliest excuse in Hollywood for “overdose.”

So now, instead of being “exhausted” all the time, Brooke is going back to rehab…for the 19th time. Brooke is only 35, meaning she goes to rehab on average 1.2 times per year in her adult life.

Her last rehab stint was this summer and before that she went to a three month program around February 2012.

Her lawyer told TMZ, “Brooke was uncomfortable with the way Adderall was making her behave. She continues her lifelong battle with drug addiction by taking these steps herself to prevent a further drug relapse.”