Brooke Mueller Goes to Mexico to Do Drugs

July 18, 2011 By:
Brooke Mueller Goes to Mexico to Do Drugs

Brooke Mueller is set to undergo an “extreme” rehab program that will apparently rid her of all addictions.

She’s going to a seven-day treatment program in Cancun, Mexico where she will take an illegal hallucinogenic drug that will “rewire” her brain. Does anyone else sense the irony? Doesn’t this just sound like she is going to Mexico to do drugs?

This so-called “treatment center” gives patients Ibogaine, a hallucinogen drug that will re-program her brain and cure her of her addictions. The drug is not legal in the US and will supposedly interrupt addictions to alcohol, cocaine, methadone and heroin.

Mueller has struggled with her sobriety for years, she just completed a 45-day outpatient treatment program and then was photographed holding a crack pipe which she claims she uses to smoke prescription marijuana. She also drinks apple juice from a handle of vodka, so like, just a day in the life. Kidding.

Now that her ex, Charlie Sheen, hasn’t been doing anything weird or out of control lately, Mueller has apparently been forced to step up her WTF game. As Mueller was trying to board a plane to Cancun she got in a fight with a flight attendant and cussed her out when she wasn’t allowed to use the restroom. She was then kicked off the plane.

She has been hospitalized since the plane incident and will depart for her vacation/rehab stint as soon as she is released.