Brooke Mueller Brings Crazy on United Airlines Flight

July 15, 2011 By:
Brooke Mueller Brings Crazy on United Airlines Flight

Airlines only allow one bag per flight; unfortunately, they can’t limit the amount of emotional baggage passengers bring with them. Brooke Mueller got into it with a flight attendant on Tuesday before her plane departed Los Angeles.

Mueller was taking a United Airlines flight to Cancun when the attendant wouldn’t let her use the restroom because the plane was about to depart.

My main question is this—how is Brooke Mueller on a plane and not get completely knocked out? She probably has access to every sedative known to man. If there’s ever a time to use one, it’s on a plane.

Brooke claims the flight attendant was rude to her, and when she said she needed to vomit, the attendant replied “tough.” But witnesses tell TMZ Mueller was “belligerent and cussing out” the staff.

Mueller reportedly went “ballistic” and demanded to leave the plane. Honestly, I’m just proud of her for knowing where she was. Maybe rehab is working. She recently completed a 45-day treatment program and is said to be doing “amazing.”

Although I’m not sure if you can be doing “amazing” when rehab has been part of your life in the last few months. You can be doing “mediocre”, sure. You can even be doing “okay.” But amazing? I think there should be a two-year window after rehab until you can say your life is “amazing.”

A source revealed: "Brooke is just taking it a day at a time. She has been down this road before and she knows what she has to do.”