Brooke Hogan Moves Reality Show to LA

November 23, 2009 By:
Brooke Hogan Moves Reality Show to LA

Brooke Hogan is best known for her reality shows, and for the seemingly ongoing feud between her family members. She and her mom don’t talk, but she’s tight with her dad Hulk Hogan, who talks to Nick, but is now estranged from Linda Hogan. If it sounds like a mess, that’s a reality show family for ya!

Brooke recently decided to get out of Miami and move to sunny southern California. Hollyscoop caught up with her on the set of her Peta campaign for “I’d Rather Go Naked,” and she gave us the scoop on what to expect from season 3 of Brooke Knows Best.

She told Hollyscoop exclusively, “It’s just crazy. I actually just moved out to LA. I just moved down here, working on third season of the show, doing more music, more albums, more everything.”

It seems strange, since we’re so used to seeing Brooke in South Beach, but she told us she just needed a change. “New show is going to be in LA. I am really excited, it’s a different environment. Everyone has always seen me going to the beach or driving down Lincoln road in Miami.”

No more Miami,” she told Hollyscoop. “It was fun while it lasted, I needed a little bit of a break to just chill with my friends and hang out, and now I am ready to get on the work grind.”

As for what we can expect from the show being in a new location? Brooke says, “There are going to be new people on the show, some of my friends out here, you’re getting to meet all my new producers and people that I am working with right now, its going to be a bit crazy, I am kind of a fish out of water. I’ve never been in a huge city like LA.”

Brooke told Hollyscoop we can expect her new album to come out in the spring, and it will be a whole new side of her that we haven’t seen. Welcome to LA, Brooke!