Brandon Jenner Marries Longtime Girlfriend/ Bandmate

June 1, 2012 By:
Brandon Jenner Marries Longtime Girlfriend/ Bandmate

Brandon Jenner, Bruce’s son and Brody’s half-brother, just married his high school sweetheart, business and band mate, Leah Felder.
The two grew up together in Malibu and aside from shared interests had a similar upbringing as Leah is also a member of a famous family -- she’s the daughter of former Eagles guitarist Don Felder.

Brandon’s mother, Linda Thompson spoke to People magazine about the couple, "Brandon and Leah are the most beautiful reflection of each other. They not only bring the best out in each other, they believe the best about each other."

Brandon and Leah share a Facebook page for promoting their musical endeavors and have a website rife with ridiculously cute pictures and info on their band:

“Passing on the Sunset Boulevard nightlife, they chose instead to spend their time surfing and singing on bonfire-lit beaches. Today, as recording artists, Brandon & Leah try to capture in their music the balmy summertime spirit of their hometown.”

The small ceremony took place where else but on the beach, in Hawaii. Brody served as best man while little half-sisters Kendall and Kylie stood on Leah’s side of the aisle. Father and stepmother Bruce and Kris were part of the festivities.

Brandon’s more famous stepsiblings whose names all start with K weren’t able to steal the spotlight… I mean make the ceremony due to work related obligations.

I’m sure the newly announced husband and wife were bummed that certain absences from the guest list made for a day that was actually all about them. How odd….

However those that weren’t in attendance were kind enough to take the time to blog and tweet some congratulations to the very happy and very cute couple.