Sam Lufti To Testify Against Britney Spears In Court Today?

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Sam Lufti To Testify Against Britney Spears In Court Today?
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The defamation suit against Britney Spears is set to begin today.

Basically, Britney’s ex-manager Sam Lufti is suing Britney and her mom for defamation of character because of Britney’s mom's book “Through the Storm” (which sheds light on Britney’s breakdown). Britney’s team blames Lufti for Britney’s crazy behavior circa the head shaving/umbrella whacking era.

Opening statements happened last week, with Lufti’s lawyer claiming Britney was addicted to amphetamines and her drug habit is the source of all her drama.

Meanwhile, Britney’s camp claims that she headed into a downward spiral because of her break-up with Justin Timberlake and NOT because of drug abuse? Really? "Cry Me A River" caused this mess? I’m not buying it.

Britney’s team also claims that Sam Lufti encouraged her drug abuse and locked Britney away from her family, including kidnapping her dogs (?).

Lufti’s lawyers didn’t state whether he would testify in court today, but Britney Spears will definitely NOT testify. 

Britney’s parents Jamie and Lynn have both been in court, as it’s Lynn’s book that brought about this entire defamation suit.

Lufti is asking for millions from Britney and her family.

However, this case is turning out to be a case of he-said-she-said. So far, here are the allegations against Sam Lufti: He used mind control against Britney. He was a drug pusher. He manipulated Britney. He stole her dogs and would later “find them” to look like a hero. He has flip-flopped on his statements over the years.

As for Lufti’s camp, they claim Britney’s family lied, that Britney was so deep into drugs she couldn’t be held accountable and that Lufti was actually trying to help her clean up. They also claim that Britney was a meth addict.

So there, that will catch you up to speed in the Britney Spears trial.