Britney Spears Wore THIS to Church

August 5, 2013 By:
Britney Spears Wore THIS to Church

Britney Spears went to church yesterday and put on her best “mama’s going to the club in the cold weather y’all” dress, because that’s what classy types from Kentwood, Louisiana do, yee-haw!

No, but seriously, this is what Britney Spears wore when she went to worship her lord and savior. 

Thigh-high stilettos leftover from the Femme Fatale tour? Check. Figure-hugging black dress with bizarre turtleneck bustier? Check. Hair in desperate need of a wash? Check.

Of course, Britney was joined by her constant companion, Everyday Dave, who classed it up a teeny bit by wearing one third of a three-piece suit.

We don’t know, maybe they do things differently in Thousand Oaks?

Nope, still a weird outfit.