Britney Spears Still Planning Wedding

November 20, 2012 By:
Britney Spears Still Planning Wedding

Despite reports that Britney Spears and Jason Trawick’s relationship is on the rocks and friends would be surprised if a wedding actually happened, Britney just confirmed in her own words that the wedding is still a GO and that they are already in the midst of wedding planning.

Britney sat down for an interview with “Entertainment Tonight” after ranking on their annual “Power List” and talked X Factor, her kids,

her “Hit Me Baby One More” time days, and wait for it, her wedding.

When asked how things are going with the wedding plans, she said, “pretty good, we’re getting there” but that they are only in the “beginning stages” of the planning process.

I might add that in the video, Britney is especially NOT zombie-like for once. Good for her, she passes as totally sane in this one and it’s obvious there’s no “X-Factor” producer giving her zany one-liners.

Britney also revealed she’s completely OCD about home organization, which I didn’t expect AT ALL.

Britney says her greatest personality trait is that she’s great at “Organizing and keeping things clean. I’m OCD to the point where I’m completely anal and [Jason’s] the complete opposite, we kind of butt heads on that point.”

Britney joked, “Even the refrigerator is completely organized. Everything is in its place.”

Watch the full video here, she's pretty adorable in it.