Britney Spears Named Highest Paid Woman In Music

December 13, 2012 By:
Britney Spears Named Highest Paid Woman In Music

Britney Spears is the highest paid woman in music, aka Britney is the luckiest woman in music.

Despite not being a certified “pop star” in years and her general “scared zombie” disposition, Britney Spears makes more money than any female in the music industry.

Forbes has counted up Britney’s cash flow between the months of May 2011 and May 2012 and apparently Brit Brit made $64 million. Sorry your accounting job is so boring, maybe Simon Cowell will hire you to make weird faces on his reality TV show too? #FingersCrossed

Britney’s millions are thanks in part to her 2011 album Femme Fatale, her endorsements and fragrances, and surprisingly her “X Factor” deal wasn’t factored in at all.

Britney was also the second highest paid woman in entertainment, not just the music industry. She was second only to Oprah on the “Entertainment” list.

Following closely is Taylor Swift with $57 million. Her earnings are thanks to her whirlwind tour, which raked in $1 million per night. Also, her CoverGirl endorsement helped too.

Rihanna came up in third place with $53 million. Thanks to putting out one new album per year, touring nonstop, and endorsements with Vita Coco and Nivea.

Top 10 Highest Paid Women In Music

1)   Britney Spears $58 million

2)   Taylor Swift $57 million

3)   Rihanna $53 million

4)   Lady Gaga $52 million

5)   Katy Perry $45 million

6)   Beyonce $40 million

7)   Adele $35 million

8)   Sade $33 million

9)   Madonna $30 million

10) Shakira $20 million