Britney to Miley: Teach Me How to Twerk!

June 21, 2013 By:
Britney to Miley: Teach Me How to Twerk!

Miley Cyrus is supposedly the twerk expert now, because Britney Spears has apparently gone to her for twerking advice.

Miley posted that twerk video a few months ago, then she was spotted twerking again at the Juicy J concert, so now she’s the poster child for twerking.

To be fair, Miley’s twerk is just like a glorified booty pop, but whatever, let’s all pretend she’s good at it.

Britney Spears, or whoever handles Britney’s Twitter account, just wrote this:

Miley retweeted Brit’s praise tweet and followed it up by writing, “Woke up and can’t move neck SUCKS!!!! SMH (not really cause I can’t move the damn thanggg!)”

Probably because she was twerking it too hard.

Britney, quit riding on the coattails of Miley Cyrus’ social media popularity and just watch this video if you want to learn to twerk.