Anderson Cooper Tells Bristol Palin: 'Get A Real Job'

October 10, 2012 By:
Anderson Cooper Tells Bristol Palin: 'Get A Real Job'

Anderson Cooper finally says what we’ve all been thinking for years--Bristol Palin needs to get off our TV’s and get a real job, preferably somewhere where she can’t annoy us anymore, like a telephone call center in Alaska.

Anyways, Anderson, being the perfectly manicured silver fox that he is, has been showing more of his “hay gurrrlll” streak on his new daytime talk show “Anderson Live” and verbally b*tch-slapped Bristol after watching her not-scripted-at-all meltdown on “Dancing With The Stars” on Monday night.

Anderson has this message for all the Bristol Palin’s of the world, aka “famous by association” untalented 20-somethings who keep getting hired on reality TV shows.

“I am thinking of starting a job fair for people who need to get jobs like Lindsay Lohan, Bristol Palin. I think they just need to get jobs, stop being on TV!”

Preach it Anderson.

However, he did call her “genius” for scripting that so-called “breakdown” on DWTS where she claimed her dance partner Mark Ballas didn’t like dancing with her. Anderson thinks this is why she is immune to getting voted off the show.

“Anyone who is on a reality show knows to get attention, you have to have a wardrobe malfunction, throw up, have a breakdown – have a storyline. Bristol Palin is a genius because last night she developed a storyline that made her very sympathetic.”