Brandi Glanville: My Kids Will Know Dad Cheated On Mom

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Brandi Glanville: My Kids Will Know Dad Cheated On Mom
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No one would ever claim that Brandi Glanville is a private person. Her new book “Drinking & Tweeting and Other Brandi Blunders,” details more than we’d ever like to know about her husband’s cheating, her lady-bits and making out with girls. But it’s this unapologetic writing style that landed her on the NY Times bestseller list.

Brandi tells Hollyscoop that she just set out to write a “really honest cautionary tale of what to do and not to do during a divorce and a break-up.”

Of course, shocking one-liners are kind of Brandi’s bread-and-butter, so we weren’t surprised when she told us how her sons will one day find out all about their dad, Eddie Cibrian's affair with LeAnn Rimes.

“Well, obviously they’re going to read [the book] one day,” Brandi tells us, “They’re going to know everything one day because everything is covered on the Internet. Their dad chose to be a very public figure and everything is chronicled, there’s no choice for them but to know the truth.”

For now, Brandi is just focusing on her own future telling us, “I’m hoping I meet my Prince Charming and I get over all the trust issues that I’ve developed.”

What does this so-called Prince Charming look like, “A hot, sexy, man," she jokes, "No, just somebody that’s sweet and I can trust and loves me and accepts me for me.”

So is there a certain celeb she might have a crush on?

“I like Zac Efron, but I know he’s really young. Hi, Zac!” she blushes.