Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper Address Dating Rumors

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Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper Address Dating Rumors
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Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are NOT dating, you guys, so everyone just calm down! Okay?

Because everyone in Hollywood meets their significant other on-set, we all just jumped to the conclusion that Jennifer and Bradley are dating after being adorable together in their award winning flick, Silver Linings Playbook.

Also, it’s perfect timing that Jen very recently broke up with her long-term boyfriend Nicholas Hoult and Bradley and Zoe Saldana’s on-again and off-again relationship finally went OFF just before New Years.

So anyways, that leaves an open door for "Brad and Jen are dating." OMG Their names are Brad and Jen! Just like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, omg it’s fate!

Well, maybe not, according to Bradley.

“We've done two movies together," Bradley told Entertainment Tonight, "If it didn't happen by now, it's not going to happen."

Yah, well he didn’t take into consideration that Jennifer was dating Nicholas for the past two years! Of course he and Jen never “happened,” she was never single! Uh gah, I’m getting real flustered over this one.

When ET told J.Law what Bradley said about their so-called relationship, she said, “I concur.”

And that’s that.