From Jennifer to Jennifer: The Many Loves of Bradley Cooper

September 12, 2011 By:
From Jennifer to Jennifer: The Many Loves of Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper has one of those faces that just seems to say, “Yes, I know how many women want to bang me. And yes, I’m taking full advantage of it.”

Cooper and newly single Jennifer Lopez were spotted together over the weekend in NYC having a “business meeting,” but with celebrities I feel like business meetings, dates, sex, and marriage are so intertwined, all of the above might’ve happened Saturday night, and Steven Soderbergh could’ve gotten a new flick out of it, only incidentally.

Bradley Cooper isn’t just the most wanted man in Hollywood. Women all over the world swoon over this man, and watching that video of him speaking French is probably the best sex a lot of women had. Yes, I know it was just a video. When Hollyscoop told Bradley he comes up as 'Hottest guy in Hollywood' under a google search he joked to us that his mom probably helped that term get on google. Aww. That’s the power of Bradley Cooper’s hotness.

So to celebrate the effect he has on women, we’re counting down the many loves of Bradley Cooper.

Jennifer Esposito: Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito married in December 2006 and divorced not even six months later, in May 2007. “It was just something that happened,” Cooper told Howard Stern.

Oh, thanks for the detailed explanation, Cooper. It was a thing. A thing that occurred. Not one for accepting a diplomatic answer that’s not wrapped around a bizarre sexual fetish, Howard Stern pressed Bradley for more info. Bradley responded: "It just wasn't right. It's interesting...things happen!"

Isabella Brewster: Bradley dated the younger sister of Jordana Brewster back in 2008. But in 2009, while Bradley was dating Renee Zellweger, rumors were swirling around Hollywood that he was cheating on Renee with his ex.

“Bradley had a scorching relationship with her,” a source said at the time. “It was hard for him to let go of the passion between them.” According to the source, Bradley was visiting Brewster periodically at her Venice Beach home. Upon hearing this, Zellweger began to cry. I think. You really can’t tell.

Denise Richards: Before he was officially dating Renee Zellweger, Cooper was seen having dinner with Il Cielo with Denise Richards. A source said:

“They never stopped talking. Denise was smiling at him, giving him her undivided attention.”

At one point, Bradley even leaned over to wipe some sauce off her face with a napkin. It sounds so scripted, it’s disgusting. Did they slurp the same spaghetti noodle and accidentally kiss, too?

Renee Zellweger: And here we are, at the relationship that made women everywhere say, “I’m better looking than her, I should be dating Bradley Cooper!”

The couple dated for a couple of years before they called it quits in spring of 2011. There were a ton of rumors that surfaced to explain the split. Renee was pressuring him for marriage, Bradley wanted to focus on his career, etc. Taking all of that into consideration, I’m guessing the breakup went something like this:

BRADLEY: It’s not you, it’s me. I’m like, really, really hot, and a lot of people want to have sex with me, and I’d like to take them up on it.

Olivia Wilde: Soon after his split with Zellweger, Bradley and Olivia Wilde were “definitely hooking up”, according to a source. They apparently met when Wilde read for a part in Limitless. Both newly single, the two were spotted at a party for The Hangover II, cozying up on the rooftop. Then again, Wilde was also rumored to be dating Justin Timberlake and Ryan Reynolds, and she told Hollyscoop she was “single. Happy, single.” So who knows?

Jennifer Aniston: In April 2011, these two were hanging out quite a bit. It was before Aniston’s Justin Theroux parade, so we all thought they were surely going to get together. According to a source, they were indeed hanging out, but Bradley didn’t want to “be known as Mr. Jennifer Aniston.”

“Bradley loves Jennifer as a friend,” the source added.