Bradley Cooper's Hotness Will Cause Bodily Injury

January 30, 2013 By:
Bradley Cooper's Hotness Will Cause Bodily Injury


Bradley Cooper needs to come with a warning label. Caution: Do not look directly at Bradley Cooper’s bare chest, side effects may include falling off your stationary bike at SoulCycle.

Apparently Bradley is so hot, that his appearance at a recent spin class caused women to fall over.

A fellow cycler at SoulCycle in TriBeCa told Hollyscoop that Bradley Cooper, “is a regular there. He works out at SoulCycle quite often.”

Brad showed up to a 7:30 class and according to the New York Post, “was trying to be incognito and wore a long-sleeved shirt for most of the ride.”

Then, because Bradley Cooper wanted to give the ladies in class a little show, he took his shirt off and “girls were literally falling off their bikes.”

So that happened.

Our source adds that Bradley, “is very friendly with the others who are in the class, as well as everyone at the gym.”

If by “friendly” she means “striptease,” then yes, he’s SUPER friendly.

Apparently after the class, the girls who fell off their bikes went up to him in total fan mode, but Brad was super gracious.

“He introduced himself, shook their hands and even congratulated the girls on a great class.”

What a swell guy. Is it bad that we’re jealous of those girls who fell off their bikes? Is that weird?