See Brad Pitt Yodel with Jimmy Fallon

June 19, 2013 By:
 See Brad Pitt Yodel with Jimmy Fallon

This is the best/weirdest/cutest/strangest thing we’ve ever seen.

The clip arrives straight from the weirdo of late-night himself, Jimmy Fallon. The comedy talk show host somehow convinced Brad effing Pitt to take part in a weird yodel-off.

In the sketch, Jimmy goes to the roof to yodel, because he’s stressed out. Normal, whatever. Who doesn’t yodel? C’mon.

Then, he hears someone else yodeling on a roof nearby. Who can it be? Oh sh*t, it’s Brad Pitt!

In no time, Jimmy and Brad are yodeling at each other and harmonizing! This is arguably the weirdest thing we’re going to see all week, but it also might be the best.

We LOVE seeing Brad’s silly side. Enough talking about Angelina Jolie’s boobs. We wanna see ya yodel, Brad!