Brad Pitt Kills Zombies In 'World War Z' Trailer

November 9, 2012 By:
Brad Pitt Kills Zombies In 'World War Z' Trailer

Happy Friday y’all. Here’s a movie trailer with Brad Pitt slaying zombies.

If your morning starbucks didn’t wake you up. This definitely will.

Brad’s newest film World War Z has been talked about and buzzed about for nearly a year and finally the trailer is here.

In it, Brad plays a normal guy with a wife and kids and works as a United Nations fact checker, but when a zombie apocalypse is turning humans into zombies at a rate of like 1 million per second, Brad is enlisted to save the world.

Yes, Brad Pitt with his bone structure and his carefully manicured surfer-bro hair cut will save the world from a zombie attack.

But unlike other zombie flicks which is just a bunch of extras covered in blood and shooting “brains!” the images in this trailer will haunt you. I’m talking CGI’d zombie bodies piling outside what looks like the Great Wall Of China like ants.

After watching this trailer, the only words I could think of were “wow” and “dope.”

Apparently the flick was supposed to come out in December but a source reportedly told Us Weekly that the film “is already over budget and over schedule” and the studio demanded re-shoots, so now the movie will hit theaters June 2013.

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