Rumor Control: Jon Bon Jovi is NOT Dead

December 20, 2011 By:
Rumor Control: Jon Bon Jovi is NOT Dead

Last night, a website called "dailynewbloginternational" posted a story that rock star Jon Bon Jovi had died of a cardiac arrest in New Jersey while on a world tou, which is totally silly because Ken dolls don't die.

However, it was all just a big hoax as Bon Jovi is alive and well. So alive that he tweeted a photo of himself holding up a piece of paper that read, "'Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey' - jbj. Rest assured that Jon is fine!"

Finally, we can rest.

The website that posted the fake death story lifted most of their story from a 2009 Los Angeles Times article that announced the real death of Michael Jackson.

They just re-arranged around the details, like changing "international superstar" to "your mom's dream man" and also changing "mansion" to "New Jersey hotel room."

I'm surprised people even believed this story. The website posting the fake-death story currently only has two articles on it's site. The Bon-Jovi story and another that says that Megan Fox is HIV positive.

This isn't the first pop-star to have been prematurely axed off on the internet. The website Global Associated News publishes several fake celebrity deaths per year, however almost all the deaths involve overdosing in a hotel room or falling off a cliff in New Zealand. Obviously, variety is not their strongest suit.

Bon Jovi addressed his death rumors via twitter and also in concert last night. He told audiences about the hoax and "pantomimed taking phone calls from concerned friends checking to see if he was still alive."

Bon Jovi taking phone call from concerned friend: Hello? Of course I'm alive! I've been styling my hair for the last hour. It's okay, I'll tweet about there a hashtag for faking your own death? Nevermind I'll just use #firstworldproblem.